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Tue, 17th September 2013, 3:12am (Tue, 17th September 2013, 12:12pm UTC+9)

G'Day Brother,
Being the 2845th visitor with none of the others appearing to have signed the Guestbook, I thought I'd leave a message.
I was the first joining member of Mitre Lodge. I wanted to be a Founder but I hadn't the required service to be that lucky. I'm glad to see that the lodge is still going, I had many happy days there until I left for Australia in 1996.
Since being in Australia I joined Lodge Reynell in South Australia and became their Master before yet another relocation took me to Queensland in 2008 where I am yet to find a Lodge that suits the way that Mitre and Reynell did.
I wish you all the best with Mitre Lodge. I hope one day that my trips back will coincide with a meeting and I may be able to join you again.
Regards, Richard

Richard J Brown